Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's just too Excited for her Field Trip

I woke up so early this morning to prepare my daughter for her first school field trip. She was so excited that she really got up when I woke her up. Normally she wakes up at 7-8 in the morning. But today, she woke up at 4am. She was skimpy cold when her yaya bathed her. But she was just excited to go.

For to you know, it's my hubby who accompanies her today. I made up my mind not to go. They are still on the trip now and texting me every once in a while. I am so jealous that I haven't gone. But, I just find it too tiring to be traveling on long trips that I am preggy. I guess my daughter enjoyed a lot based on the sms from her daddy. Surely tonight when they get home she would be bubbling all about her experience. I am just excited to hear her stories.

Will be posting photos of her trip as soon as I can. =)

with Love,

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