Saturday, February 14, 2009

Restful Saturday!!

Dear Diary,

Im so sorry that I have been so busy lately and I wasn't able to update you. By the way, we didn't have work yesterday so I was able to stay home and had some plenty of rest. Actually it's a long holiday as no work till Sunday. Oh I'm feelin' good.

I have my blog make-over at Mi Mundo del Amor and I just got it for free. I really thank Femikey. She's great cause I have just known her for a while.. and she's giving me that already. yay!!!

I just at home now and busy with my online endeavors. I will update you if there's a special moment for me. Mhuahh

with Love,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bad Dream

Dear Diary,

It's 4:30 in the afternoon when I suddenly woke up from a very haunting dream. It was so creepy. I had goosebumps and my heart still beats so fast.

I was with Neneng our yaya, bebay and cong or was it gong. The face was so vague but I know it was my son. The setting was in Edsa and we're waiting for a bus. I said in the dream we will go home to Lawaan, but I dont know we were waiting for a bus going to Cubao. We should take a plane to go home. yeah right, dreams.

We already took a bus, when I suddenly realized we were hitting the road to Lawaan, going to our old place. I felt something creepy. How could I be there when I remembered we were on our way to Cubao. I said to the bus driver, "Kuya, bakit andito tayo? Papunta to sa lumang bahay namin ah, May bahay kami sa unahan dun"... The people on the bus started to panic. They heard me my words right. Near to our home we saw a pick-up car and some number of people standing there. I saw mama. So I said, "kuya , stop. I saw my mama, and I should go to her, but please dont leave me whatever happens".. So i jumped down and went to mama, I tried to speak to her, but it seems that she haven't heard me.. So I realized it's something not good. I backed off, and said to Neneng and the kids on loud voice to get back to bus at once. .. We were all afraid. The bus moved and this time it stopped in front of our house. It was really our old big house in Lawaan. But I didn't go down cause I know something weird is happening. I said to the driver, "please go, turn back down the road, we should be out from here" .. but the bus did not start. We really panic. I told the people to call on the name of the Lord, so we started calling, "OH LORD JESUS" ... and prayed desperately. We heard a loud thump on the top of the bus. The driver yelled , "it's a coffin!!!".. I don't know whoever was in the coffin. But it was a black coffin. The shape like that in movies where vampires sleep. Holy Crap , it really terrified us. I said to the driver, please go at once. .. Good that the bus started. Because of the fast sudden turn, the coffin fell off. Huh!! The bus started to run as fast as it could.. and I was awaken grasping for breath..

Oh good that it was only a dream. .. Takot ako dun ah..

Hay i dont know why and what's with that dream.. Gosh..

So much for that diary... I have nothing important to tell anymore.. Maybe I should call mama after this and kn0w how they are.

with Love,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing Special

Hi Diary,

There's really nothing special today. I just did a lot of stuff in the office. As usual it drains my energy.

For online things, I did write two entries in my Mi Mundo Del Amor and 1 on my

Hmmmm,.. i feel so tired now and I'm waiting for the clock to strike 5:30 so I could storm out of this office and go straight home.. I want to curl on my bed...and oh, btw, I replied to J_ _ message on the FS inbox.. well, it was just a short line.. Nothing mushy on it.

Bye , bye for now.. I will update you at once if something worth telling comes along..

with Love,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Text message

Dear Diary,

Good morning to you Another fountain of happiness today.. Guess what , I have received the sweetest and most touching message so far for me.. The text came from my Ante Tessie. The mother of my One Great Love. This is her text, and I want to save it here to cherish for the rest of my life. The text message is written in our dialect and it goes :

"Gud am. Luv u nak. maski ug dili kamo n greg ang nagdayon para nako membro ka sa among pamilya. sana dili ka mausab."

I was really touched by that.. so I replied to her with this..

"Luv u too ante. Salamat kaayo sa imo pagpangga. Dili ko mausab ante oi. Sukad sa una , hangtod krn, mao ra man ako pagbati sb ninyo. Para nako mama man sad ako pagbati nimo. Salamat jud kaayo sa inyong kaayo."

You see, is it not worth cherishing? So much for now dear one.. Love you as always...

with Love,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A message from Him

Dear Diary,

Hi!! I just can't wait for tomorrow anymore.. This have to be shared to you right away. You know what despite of my recent heartaches, I now have a reason to smile.. He he.. J as in J_ _ sent message to me over the FS. Oh I'm just happy.. I never thought he'd get in touch with me pa.. But He did.. Oh then, I am still thinking if I have to reply to him now or shall wait for another day to do that..

Oh well, that I'll have to think.. So that's all for now. I am already sleepy.. Good nite... I love you Diary, you are a dear friend for me..

with Love,

The Breaking News

Dear Diary,

First of all I wanna greet my Grandmother Happy Bday!! Happy Bday Lola.. I know you are at peace now with the Father in heaven. I miss you so much. You and Lolo..

Oh dear diary, there's one thing I've been meaning to tell you. My One Great Love, talked to me yesterday over the IM. He said thanks for the bday greetings and was sorry that He was not able to thank right away for he was so busy that day and was not even celebrating his bday. I thought that was all and he would say bye bye as He is always busy. Suddenly he said, "i Have news For you" .. I jokingly replied, "oh are u getting married?" But of course I was hoping it is not what he would say. But, sadly my dear diary, it's more like it. He and her gf are having a baby soon. huhuhu.. so probably they are getting married sooner too. He told me that his mother wanted to tell me herself but he asked her mama that He would be the one to tell me. OH of course, I said "I'm Happy for you, congrats!! "... but my heart if he only knew was breaking when I said that...

Call me selfish or what, cause i'm still feeling the way I do even though I'm the one who first got married to another. But, if you only know diary how I kept this feeling eversince we parted ways. It was so hard for me to live without him , but I was never selfish. I respected his own choice of heart. I never did beg him to come back to me even though how much I wanted it. Now would you call me selfish If i cried because I know he is getting married? I think I owe a little crying to myself. This will really ease the burden. .....

How really time flies.. Look at me now , I have kids of my own and he is going to have one of his own too.. But , why do this heart of mine keep on holding on...

*Sigh* so much for this now.. what I am thankful is that He still considers me.. He personally told me that breaking news. I did not hear it from other else, but he told me directly...

Thank you dear diary for listening to me..

with Love,

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Monday!!!

Dear Diary,

I am so sorry if I was not able to update you on my latest for two days in a row. I have connection problem since Friday. I was really sad about it.

Anyway , nothing much happens during the weekend, except that I feel in love with a masochistic lion.. Hehehe, what a stupid lamb I am. Oh I have watched "Twilight" for the nth time again. I really can't get over it. I'm still drawn by the excruciating venom that Edward inflicted on me. Ha ha. LOL!!

After watching Twilight I just slept , and slept the whole day. Sleeping really is the highlight of my Saturdays and sleeping is like a gift for myself to me. It's the only thing that regenerates and reinvigorates my energy to the highest level. Huh!! I wonder if the vampires do get tired cause they never sleep. Edward said so.. ha ha.

Oh anyway, It's Monday now and I have ton of things to do. I still have 17 articles about GOUT to work on and my deadline is already coming.. Huh! another busy week ahead. I do hope somebody will remember me. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

That's all for now. I love you my diary....muahhh