Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Text message

Dear Diary,

Good morning to you Another fountain of happiness today.. Guess what , I have received the sweetest and most touching message so far for me.. The text came from my Ante Tessie. The mother of my One Great Love. This is her text, and I want to save it here to cherish for the rest of my life. The text message is written in our dialect and it goes :

"Gud am. Luv u nak. maski ug dili kamo n greg ang nagdayon para nako membro ka sa among pamilya. sana dili ka mausab."

I was really touched by that.. so I replied to her with this..

"Luv u too ante. Salamat kaayo sa imo pagpangga. Dili ko mausab ante oi. Sukad sa una , hangtod krn, mao ra man ako pagbati sb ninyo. Para nako mama man sad ako pagbati nimo. Salamat jud kaayo sa inyong kaayo."

You see, is it not worth cherishing? So much for now dear one.. Love you as always...

with Love,

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