Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's just too Excited for her Field Trip

I woke up so early this morning to prepare my daughter for her first school field trip. She was so excited that she really got up when I woke her up. Normally she wakes up at 7-8 in the morning. But today, she woke up at 4am. She was skimpy cold when her yaya bathed her. But she was just excited to go.

For to you know, it's my hubby who accompanies her today. I made up my mind not to go. They are still on the trip now and texting me every once in a while. I am so jealous that I haven't gone. But, I just find it too tiring to be traveling on long trips that I am preggy. I guess my daughter enjoyed a lot based on the sms from her daddy. Surely tonight when they get home she would be bubbling all about her experience. I am just excited to hear her stories.

Will be posting photos of her trip as soon as I can. =)

with Love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Daughter's field trip

Hi! Just mushing around thinking if I should accompany my daughter to her first field trip this coming Thursday. Learn and Explore Montessori School is having their field trip scheduled this August 27, 2008. The kids are going to Pampanga. All Casa (pre-school) students are required to have somebody accompany them during the trip. Since my daughter is a Junior Advanced Casa, she definitely needs one. We have paid for two persons then.

I am torn between wanting to go or just let her daddy go with her. I am heavy with baby and I lately always feel drowsy during long trips especially on buses. My daughter told me last night that she wanted me to be the one to accompany her. Of course I would really love that. We moms are that closer to our kids as we share some kind of bonding that is inexplainable. Huh!! What should I do? Should I go? That would be this Thursday already. Anyway, if itsn't me , I'm sure she would be fine with her dad and would still enjoy the trip. Let's see what may turn out. =)

with Love,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnancy Pillows

Many women have a difficult time dealing with stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This may result for many reasons, including pending anxiety and stress related to adding a new member to your family. For other women, anxiety and stress result from increasing discomforts associated with side effects during pregnancy.

One thing also is being pregnant on your 24th week and up is really becoming so uncomfortable as the baby is growing into 11.8 inches or longer. Finding the right position when sleeping also adds the discomforts.

While meditation, good exercise and proper diet may help reduce this anxieties and discomforts a great way to relieve the anxiety associated with poor sleep is by using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy. I found out that there are certain pillows really created and designed for pregnant women. These pillows can help improve your comfort dramatically during pregnancy. Wow. I'd love to have these pillows as i really have trouble finding a good sleep.

with Love,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calamay- Native Delicacy of Bohol

Since it's a special holiday tomorrow due to Ninoy Aquino's day, some of my colleagues here in the office are busy readying for their inter-island travel to Bohol. I really love to go but of course I am not allowed to board a plane nor a boat anymore as I am heavy with baby.

I suddenly miss Calamay. Love the sweet taste and the sticky feel on your tongue when you eat it. For those who do not have an idea what Calamay is, well it is a native sweet delicacy (dessert) which ingredients are coconut milk, grind sticky rice, brown sugar and peanut. These all are mixed in a large and then cooked under a low fire with continuous stirring until it gets cooked.

Calamay is then placed in a clean coconut husk sealed to freshness with a red Japanese paper (papel de hapon) at the middle to keep the husks a whole. It is best before a week but it can last longer when refrigerated.

This is the favorite pasalubong (homecoming gift) from Bohol. It has been a part of their culture too. In ports, local markets and airports a lot of Calamay vendors are selling this delicacy. I definitely ask for Calamay from my colleagues. They better bring me one. One thing, all Calamays are great but I love most the Jagna made. Please bring me one from Jagna.

with Love,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Do People Cheat on their Partners?

Physical attraction, romantic love and attachment involve three overlapping but separate brain systems. It's not really hard for somebody to sexually desire another woman or man, be infatuated with another, and still want to spend the rest of his/her life with the wife or husband. Because each kind of love or emotion serves a unique need and exists in a different context., cheaters are able to divide their emotional resources.

What makes one person more likely to cheat compared with another? The answers are both inconsistent and varied. People who are likely novelty-seeking, dopamine sensitive personalities have the most tendency to stray. But factors unique to the relationship- a need for attention, a desire to get out of the situation-are just as likely to fuel infidelity.

with Love,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Re-awakening!

I have been neglecting this blog since March or June? No post updates , not even visiting this for a while. Today , I decided to awaken it from it's long dormancy. Why not maintain this for anything cute to tell under the sun.

I made this blog with the mind that this would serve purely my online diary to jot down all my musings and rants under the hot sunny sun. However, on this re-awakening I've changed my mind. Some of my visitors might not enjoy my rantings and sweet nothings, therefore I would make this blog something worthwhile with a touch of personal notes from a woman, a mother, a daughter, and a friend to all.

I decided too to change the title. Instead of it's girly "Pinkyshelo" , I would change it to "A Woman's Notes".. where all possible interesting notes of a woman will be seen here. If you can see, I still have no blog links on my list. I welcome link exchanges, just message me through my shoutbox or leave me a comment here.

Thank you all for the visit!!

with Love,