Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Daughter's field trip

Hi! Just mushing around thinking if I should accompany my daughter to her first field trip this coming Thursday. Learn and Explore Montessori School is having their field trip scheduled this August 27, 2008. The kids are going to Pampanga. All Casa (pre-school) students are required to have somebody accompany them during the trip. Since my daughter is a Junior Advanced Casa, she definitely needs one. We have paid for two persons then.

I am torn between wanting to go or just let her daddy go with her. I am heavy with baby and I lately always feel drowsy during long trips especially on buses. My daughter told me last night that she wanted me to be the one to accompany her. Of course I would really love that. We moms are that closer to our kids as we share some kind of bonding that is inexplainable. Huh!! What should I do? Should I go? That would be this Thursday already. Anyway, if itsn't me , I'm sure she would be fine with her dad and would still enjoy the trip. Let's see what may turn out. =)

with Love,

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