Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnancy Pillows

Many women have a difficult time dealing with stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This may result for many reasons, including pending anxiety and stress related to adding a new member to your family. For other women, anxiety and stress result from increasing discomforts associated with side effects during pregnancy.

One thing also is being pregnant on your 24th week and up is really becoming so uncomfortable as the baby is growing into 11.8 inches or longer. Finding the right position when sleeping also adds the discomforts.

While meditation, good exercise and proper diet may help reduce this anxieties and discomforts a great way to relieve the anxiety associated with poor sleep is by using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy. I found out that there are certain pillows really created and designed for pregnant women. These pillows can help improve your comfort dramatically during pregnancy. Wow. I'd love to have these pillows as i really have trouble finding a good sleep.

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  1. this really looks comfy para sa maga buntis. i don't have one when i was pregnant with my daughter.