Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calamay- Native Delicacy of Bohol

Since it's a special holiday tomorrow due to Ninoy Aquino's day, some of my colleagues here in the office are busy readying for their inter-island travel to Bohol. I really love to go but of course I am not allowed to board a plane nor a boat anymore as I am heavy with baby.

I suddenly miss Calamay. Love the sweet taste and the sticky feel on your tongue when you eat it. For those who do not have an idea what Calamay is, well it is a native sweet delicacy (dessert) which ingredients are coconut milk, grind sticky rice, brown sugar and peanut. These all are mixed in a large and then cooked under a low fire with continuous stirring until it gets cooked.

Calamay is then placed in a clean coconut husk sealed to freshness with a red Japanese paper (papel de hapon) at the middle to keep the husks a whole. It is best before a week but it can last longer when refrigerated.

This is the favorite pasalubong (homecoming gift) from Bohol. It has been a part of their culture too. In ports, local markets and airports a lot of Calamay vendors are selling this delicacy. I definitely ask for Calamay from my colleagues. They better bring me one. One thing, all Calamays are great but I love most the Jagna made. Please bring me one from Jagna.

with Love,

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