Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Re-awakening!

I have been neglecting this blog since March or June? No post updates , not even visiting this for a while. Today , I decided to awaken it from it's long dormancy. Why not maintain this for anything cute to tell under the sun.

I made this blog with the mind that this would serve purely my online diary to jot down all my musings and rants under the hot sunny sun. However, on this re-awakening I've changed my mind. Some of my visitors might not enjoy my rantings and sweet nothings, therefore I would make this blog something worthwhile with a touch of personal notes from a woman, a mother, a daughter, and a friend to all.

I decided too to change the title. Instead of it's girly "Pinkyshelo" , I would change it to "A Woman's Notes".. where all possible interesting notes of a woman will be seen here. If you can see, I still have no blog links on my list. I welcome link exchanges, just message me through my shoutbox or leave me a comment here.

Thank you all for the visit!!

with Love,

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