Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Corporate Social Responsibilty

My company Crown Relocations , went off again to be corporately responsible. It is such a good feeling working in a company who shares responsibility to its community, environment and the world as a whole.

This time around 35 Crown employees joined hand-in-hand with a non-govermental organization to help a small coastal community in Calatagan, Batangas rehabilitate its mangrove area. Each of us planted 75 Mangrove seedlings in the area.

It was an exhausting activity. All of us were soaked under the scorching sun. Some got pricked by unwanted thorns and some stepped on spikey sea urchins. But the labor was not in vain. Mangroves save the coastal ecosystem. They protect the coastal areas in many ways : from eroision, storms, and tsunamis. Moreover, Mangroves serve as homes for many important species of fish and other commercial coastal organisms.

So , to top it all , we felt socially responsible! Go Crown, Reach out More to save the world!

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with Love,