Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday: Yesterday

I suddenly miss the old times. The time when I was so carefree and care less for the world around me.. the times when I was a child. So for Ruby Tuesday I decided to post a photo flashback.. my yesterday...

I am the one with red shorts at the second from the left.. See my happy smile? I was 5 years old in this photo. So precious, so memorable for me.

For specks, tint, dash, blot, whole and more more Red visit Mary of Work of the Poet!

with Love,


  1. And a lovely 5 yearling you were. My daughter says to be four and five were the best years of her life. Preschool child, free as the bird and singing with the larks as well.
    From Felisol

  2. Fine choice for this meme. You seem so happy!

  3. How darling. Great choice for RT.

  4. Hi Shelo,

    Great entry for RT. I love old photographs because they bring back many memories.

  5. You are cute in that picture. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  6. Cutie You certainly had the cheekiest grin. :-D
    Oh to be a kid again!
    Thanks for dropping by my RT today.