Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ruby Tuesday: Workmates Bonding Time

It's Tuesday again! Time for something red! I decided to post some past photos with my workmates.

We love going out on Fridays, taking a break from a stressful work environment. My group loves seafood and Karaoke. That's why we always go to "Dampa" , a popular seafood wet market here in Parañaque, Philippines where you can buy fresh seafood products like prawns, crabs, squids and anything you want snd they will cook those for you with your chosen recipe. We patronize the Trinity seafood restaurant as they cook very great and Sharmila's for their unlimited Karaoke use. LOL.

Some of my workmates while waiting for our food.

Yours truly- during Karaoke time!

Another red pose from me. LOL

Some other times, we also bond through worthwhile shows like the ones we have here at Club Mwah. It's like a Las Vegas show mostly performed by gays as major performers.

The Move Managers at Club Mwah.

Some of the gay performers at the club.

That's all for this week. Visit MaryT for more Ruby Tuesday entries.

with Love,


  1. Fun is fun, and after a hectic work week, a place to unwind, to talk, to sing (and the quality of your voice does not matter :>)

    Fun times wit friends are some of the best times!

  2. All I can say is WOW and that sure looks like fun. B

  3. What an gorgeous group of red photos, you look like you had a wonderful time. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  4. Blooming na blloming ang beauty natin sis ah.. oiiist miss ko visit mo hehehe.. busy ka ata..

    Please come and find out what our little fashionista has to say.

  5. these looks like you had a fantastic time! it's been a while since i've been to Dampa---we go to Seaside at Macapagal Hi-way once in a while.:p

  6. woww.. looks like you all guys had a great time. i like your red top and it looks good on you.

    thanks for coming by

    Happy Ruby Tuesday

  7. Looks like a nice time with friends.

  8. Those seafood restaurants sound like heaven. Yummy.

  9. looks like so much fun with your friends and officemates! i've been planning to visit Club Mwah with my friends but our schedule keeps getting in the way. Happy RT!

  10. I love fresh seafood, that market sounds fun!

  11. You are having such fun, and I love the bright red outfit! Perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

  12. I don't know where my comment went! I'll try again.

    It looks like you and your friends from work know how to have fun!

    Good for you!

  13. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and your sure did find lots of beautiful red color!

  14. Aba, talagang humataw ka ng kanta Mommy Shelo. Ang sya naman dyan.. Sana nandito ka lang sa tabi namin, para may kasama kami ni mother na mag karaoke, hehehe!

  15. Oh fun to be together with friends.Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  16. It looks like your group didn't go back to work after lunch! I had done that a few times in my working life. Two times I remember very well, one was with a lady I will eventually blog about here.
    To All the Girls I've Loved Before

    Happy RT! Your pictures are cute, cute girls! Thank you for your visit and nice comment.

  17. Looks like fun!
    I've never tried Karoake out, my son has a small set in the house which we play with. I'd love to try it sometime.

  18. We have a karaoke set at home,and it's used mostly by the hubby. It's always fun having company and food during karaoke sessions.

  19. At the club with friends,
    hoping this night never ends—
    such a lovely time!

  20. Nothing beats time having fun with friends!

  21. You look like you are all enjoying yourselfs a lot.
    Nice shots!
    Hope you have continued good times. I'd be scared to do karaoke even though I've been in choirs. :)

  22. LoL Looks like great fun! I love seafood & Karaoke, too!
    And you look beautiful in red :)
    Have you ever heard the song "Lady in Red"? Not sure who sings it--it's an older tune.
    ((hugs & blessings))
    Sarah @ ButterflyChic

  23. looks like a lot of fun. i miss karaoke-ing. just saw your blog clicking on links, it's a nice one.