Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glimpse of Her Fieldtrip

I have promised to pose photos of my daughter's field trip. Please be patient if I have only done it now. I was so busy with work loads that I didn't have much time right away to do it. By the way here are the photos:

Here is Alikah, all ready for the field trip. Their attire: school P.E uniform with school ID as required. It was just 4am and she just has finished getting ready for the trip.

Her seat on the bus...

Their first stop - Natures Spring Factory
That was their ride..

Daddy and her at their second stop- The Clark Museum

I am not sure who they are, the American Military Officers? Lol

By the big big trunk of the big big tree...

Kalesa sa Nayong Pilipino

Guess those are bamboos behind her..

The pouty snout and the ricefield behind..

She said , it's a Volcano Mama..

A Folkdance? he he

Their last stop, Mabalacat Fun Park, where kids got excited for the rides.

She loved this.. Look at her little feet swinging..

Kiddie Ride...

Up up went my Baby...

There she drove .....

Lastly, the ride that made both thrown up.. LOL "Anchors Away"

A pose with some of the team..

From what I have heard from Alikah, I bet she enjoyed the trip a lot. Too bad that I was not able to accompany her. Maybe next time, I could go. More of their pics here.

with Love,

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  1. Very exciting field trip, yehey! She seemed to enjoy it, also the Daddy enjoyed the rides very much. Hahaha! Thanks for coming to my site..