Friday, September 4, 2009

Cold Cream Cleanser

My mom would always tell me that when you are in front of a pc the whole day, you should not wash your face as it would damage your eyes. I was even told not to dip my hands in cold water to avoid muscle spasms. Well, I have been stubborn and kept on doing the opposite. Lately, I was experiencing that my eye prescription is getting higher and my vision gets mushy and cloudy. Probably because of facing the pc the whole day at work. I decided then to practice what my mama advised me.

It doesn't mean that I am not cleaning my face anymore. Of course whoever does not want to get rid of dirt from the face. I dont want to sleep having an oily and gooey with dusts, make-ups and air pollutants camping over my face. Ponds Cold cream cleanser has been very helpful so far. It deeply cleanse my pores removing the deep-seated stubborn dirts leaving my skin soft and clean. It can even remove make-ups and mascara. It's easy to use. Just apply a little amount of cream over the face and neck, massage a little and wipe it out with a clean cloth, cotton or tissue. You would see how dirty your face could be on the wiping material you are using.

I don't have to worry about not washing with water every night. I still get my soft, smooth and radiantly cleaned face. Thanks to my mother who introuduced this product to me. Actually she was using it ever since she started to work in front of a pc for a whole day. If you have a job like mine why don't you try to clean your face with ponds cold cream cleanser and have a smooth clean face plus a healthy vision.

with Love,

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