Friday, January 30, 2009

A not so Fine Friday

Dear Diary,
It's Friday today, but I am not that happy!! I mean , when it's Friday I usually get excited because it's gonna be week-end soon. Hmmm, I am just not feeling well maybe. Kasi ubo pa rin ako ng ubo. My throat sores. Not a bit cheerful about it.
Hey, u know what , Last night I dreamed of J--. It was really him. Huh!! So unusual. But I loved the dream. But sad again cause I know all I do is dream to be with him.. sucks... Reality bites my love.

Anyway, early this morning I've been checking my fs inbox hoping I got a reply from him cause I know he logged in yesterday , he must have seen my message but, no reply. This hurts again. And his phone is still unreachable. That is pretty awful. Hiding from me? "I am not putting the responsibility on YOu dope!!" Someday you will realize what you've done.

Hmm , after office we were planning to go to Dampa and grab some seafood and have Videoke.. But I really don't know if I will still go. I am not really feeling well. My body is sore, my heart is broken and my mind's gonna be ratarded!! he he..

Thanks Dear diary for listening to my rants, you will be my best friend from now on!!
.Love you..

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